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 Rooby the Human Robot

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PostSubject: Rooby the Human Robot   Fri Feb 18, 2011 1:38 am

Image in Spoiler
Former Name: Jerry James Jakovich Jr.
Name: Rooby
Age: 120
Origin Story:
First a little boy in the 20's he started to love his country and wanted to participate in WWII.
There he was shot multiple times in the back as a cause of an auto fire.
He died but his brain was saved and put into a jar with static fluids.
His brain was mainly saved for an experiment they were trying without the permission of his family.
After 90 years of being in a jar his brain was put in a robotic body which was only supposed to use as a full power battery for the thing. But fate had other plans, he woke up full with the memory of his former self and was devastated because not only was everyone he cared about dead but he had no cause for living. The Scientist he ultimately tried to kill out of anger was a guy called Dr.Nullity who was working for a Mafia gang leader called Derby Hat( Someday will be open source)!
-Upgradable Machine Arm
-Heat Vision
-Electric Loading and Charge
- Manipulation of Mechanical Beings ( Robots/ Computers)
- His open brain!
He has only one friend and that is Dr.Nullity who Rooby manages to convert to the good side of life.

Your free to us him or Dr.Nullity as you please just explain where the character came from and if possible show me the finished or unfinished product. Since I'm a fan of continuity and like to see what becomes of this character!

Edit: Also note that when used my entire universe around this character crosses with yours.
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PostSubject: Re: Rooby the Human Robot   Fri Feb 18, 2011 4:10 am

Nice, reminds me a little of HERBIE from Fantastic Four or that little robot from the movie, "The Black Hole."
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Rooby the Human Robot
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