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 Public Domain heroes adapted for Freedom Force!

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PostSubject: Public Domain heroes adapted for Freedom Force!   Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:54 pm

If you aren't aware of Freedom Force, it was a computer game very similar to City of Heroes, and it allowed you to create skins for the 3 dimensional characters in the game. There is a sizable online community of artists that have created some awesome character skins for Freedom Force, including skins for many public domain characters. If you haven't already, check out some of these amazing fan sites that archive characters.

Vigilante's Freedom Force Skins page features many Golden Age public domain characters.

Go to the link above to see images of these public domain characters, or if you play freedom force, download these 3D skins:

Alias, The Spider
Atom Jaw
Black Jack
Black Owl
Black Terror
Blue Beetle
Captain Freedom
Captain Marvel (MF Enterprises)
Dr. Frost
Doll Man
Dynamic Man
The Eagle
The Flame
The Fox
Green Giant
Green Mask
Lash Lightning
Minute Man
Mr. Justice
Mr. Scarlet
Pat Parker, War Nurse
Phantom of the Fair
Plastic Man
Power Nelson, Future Man
Red Bee
Silver Streak
Strong Man
The Wizard

Alexx's Freedom Fortress features work by KennX who has created all of these public domain Golden Age characters:

Black Cat
Blackhawk and Gang
Blue Beetle
Blue Bolt
Bob Reynolds (Sheena's Mate)
Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel Jr.
Dr. Sivana
Ibis, The Invincible
Lieutenant Marvels
Mary Marvel
Moon Girl and Prince
Mr. Scarlet
The Target and the Trageteers
Uncle Marvel

Finally, Tommyboy Meshes also has these characters to offer:

Black Condor
Blue Beetle
Captain Marvel
Uncle Sam

If you've never seen Freedom Force in action, check out this video of Thor vs. Captain Marvel.
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Public Domain heroes adapted for Freedom Force!
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