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 Supers! features PD Golden Age characters

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PostSubject: Supers! features PD Golden Age characters   Fri Feb 24, 2012 5:58 pm

I thought this was pretty cool. A new RPG called Supers! has a few supplements available that feature public domain Golden Age characters, with original art. Each supplement is only 99 cents. A few Free Universe characters are featured including Captain Battle, The Shield, The Black Terror, Lady Serpent, Torch and The Puzzler.

Here are links to the supplements:

Avenger, Black Cat, Black Kitten, Bullet Man, Bullet Girl, Black Fury, Kid Fury

The Black Terror, Kid Terror, Red Ann, Bo Briantus, Dr. Fission, Puzzler, Dr. Ghoul, Kroll Mull, Lady Serpent, Torch

Captain Atom (Charlton version), Captain Atom (Nationwide version), Captain Combat, Captain Commando, Captain Courageous, Captain Fearless, Captain Fight, Captain Future, Captain Midnight, Captain Valiant

American Crusader, Commando Yank, Fighting Yank, Captain Flag, Captain Freedom, Eagle, American Eagle, Cadet, Major Victory, Shield

Golden Arrow, Golden Archer, Ghost (nedor), Ghost (Lev Gleason), Ghost Woman, Ghost of Flanders, Golden Girl, Golden Knight, Green Ghost, Golden Eagle

Serpent Queen, Moon Girl, Mister Scarlet, Magno (Ace), Magno (Quality), Minute Man, Iron Lady, Panther Woman, Tomboy, and Phantom Lady

Baroness Blood, Captain Nazi, Duke of Darkness, Black Axeman, Ranger Girl, Fu Chang, Lash Lightining, Super Brain, and Madame Satan.

Dr. Diabole, Dr. Dracula, Dr. Diamond, Black Death, Star Dust, Black Dragon, Eel, Steel Sterling, Fireball, and the Deaglos

Amazing Man, Der Hyena, Amazona, Ant Queen, Great Question, The Claw, Air Man, Black Phantom, Brain Men of Mars, and Dr. Martinious

Superfiend, Algie, Power Nelson, Gorvak, Beauty, Doll Man, War Nurse, Blue Lady, Sceptre, and Gimp

Red Rube, Billy Bounce, Brain Master, Bouncer, Crystal Queen, Boss, Crystal, Manx, and Bunny

Baron Doom, Beast, Crimson Cobra, Funnibone, Bird Man, Scarlet Skull, The Thinker, Brick Bat, and Crimson Claw

Black Bat, Bela Jat, Big Shot, Bee, Brother, Dr. Bio, Blyntzyns, Lava Man, Oom the Great

Atlas, Ace of Blades, Ace of Spades, Animal Man and Bullfrog

Here is a good review of the Supers! game:


Here is some black and white PD hero clip art they offer for free:


Here is color clip art for 99 cents:


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PostSubject: Re: Supers! features PD Golden Age characters   Sun Feb 26, 2012 5:02 am

I read the outline and looked at the other links. Looks pretty neat, I may give it a try some time.
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great dude

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PostSubject: Re: Supers! features PD Golden Age characters   Tue Aug 07, 2012 9:18 am

thakowsaizmu wrote:
I read the outline and looked at the other links. Looks pretty neat, I may give it a try some time.
Yeah,sounds real cool!
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PostSubject: Re: Supers! features PD Golden Age characters   

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Supers! features PD Golden Age characters
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