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 Some potential OS character ideas I'm throwing around

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captain napalm

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PostSubject: Some potential OS character ideas I'm throwing around    Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:44 am

I'm thinking of doing a 6-issue superhero miniseries. It started out as a homage to Golden Age comics, in a modern style, involving a mix of my original characters (which would be open source) and public domain characters (for instance, the Black Bat and Black Cat*).

Then, I refined the story, and ended up dropping all the public domain characters. They just didn't fit into the framework of the story (for now; more about them later). My story ended up starting out as very archetypically superheroic, but by the last issue or two, it becomes a weird mix of superhero and cosmic horror, with an almost Lovecraftian villain. This is all good.

So anyway, these are the characters I've come up with, an I will post pictures of them soon. Really. Just as soon as I can draw them right. Or I could make them on heromachine or something, and two of them are based off of my characters on the DC Universe Online game, so I can post screenshots of them too.

Anway, the characters:

The Thin Man—the archvillain, a horrific, ultra-powerful entity formed from the worst fears and cravings of humanity. Almost completely invulnerable, has ridiculous super strength, can instantly teleport anywhere, seems to want nothing but destruction and chaos. Sometimes masterminds the other villains against the heroes. Is really the human-seeming shell of a monster called Abyss, which feeds off of, and amplifies, the negative emotions of an entire planet, sucking a species dry of its optimism, until they all kill each other, then moving on to another planet. Earth, it may find, is rather tricky, though.

Fox—a superhuman from a future in which humanity evolved into demigods and Earth became a paradise. Possesses flight, super-strength, partial invulnerability (bullets can knock her over but not penetrate her skin), and telekinesis. She was sent to this time in an accident involving a prototype time machine, and her costume was considered normal clothes in her time (but in that time, fashion, along with the rest of culture, was sort of anything-goes, and very diverse). She works as a secretary in the police station, so hears a lot of what goes on, crime-wise (being an actual police officer would only slow her down), which aids in her mission to rid humanity of evil and make the earth more like the one of her future. She is fascinated by this time and its people. Goes by Eve Valya (vaguely Russian sounding name helps, as her future accent makes her sound Russian).

Bloodhound—an alternate timeline evil version of Fox, with all her powers, additional fighting skills, and a tendency for acts of cruelty, as she considers humans to be lesser beings. Mainly Fox’s enemy. In her time, the demigods evolved as a seperate species, and wiped out humanity. She and Fox both want their own future to happen, and their battles are driven by this emnity.

Napalm—a one-man war on crime, with no superpowers. Extremely acrobatic, can scale sheer surfaces almost without effort. Adept at martial arts, a skilled marksman, very stealthy and a talented inventor (and improviser). Has an assault rifle with an attached grenade launcher, a long-range taser, various kinds of gas in a spray can, and a hovering robot drone with laser-machine guns (which are non-lethal, but provide excellent covering fire, able to knock down and stun basically everyone in the room). Works as a mechanic during the day. Often clashes with other heroes over his violent methods. Real name Jack Parker.

Red Ghost—a former doctor who discovered (not by accident) a formula which enabled her to consciously control her cells. This enables her to not only regenerate, but also to bulk up her muscles temporarily, and if she concentrates hard for 20 minutes, she can create a copy of herself, but the copy is under her control and does not possess her powers—she can do this multiple times, but it is very draining. Decided that with her new abilities, she could be rich! Rich, I say! Ahahahaha! Also, her medical knowledge helps her use her powers, it’d be very hard for anyone who wasn’t a doctor (or nurse or med student or whatever).

CAPTAIN SPACE, DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE!—His PR agent makes him out to be a really camp superhero, but he’s actually serious and ‘gritty’. He’s a rocket scientist who flew a mission (accompanying the professional astronauts) to a passing asteroid, where he was affected by radioactive space rocks. He now possesses flight (normally only at 15mph, but wait until later), a sword made from carbon nanotubes (20 times stronger than steel! For real, you guys!), and the ability to ‘power up’ his body. Reality doesn’t like him doing this, so glass shatters, the ground cracks, fire goes crazy, and so on, when it happens, but once he’s done, he has an hour of super strength, endurance, and speed (can run at 45mph, and fly at the speed of a jet plane), as well as the ability to shoot energy blasts. He has no secret identity--the world knows he's Matthew King.

Power Trip—Ex-punk type, now intellectual, educated, but still angry with the world. Likes to create fear in his enemies. Appears to be a generic lightning-powered villain, but takes the electricity thing to the limits of disbelief: Electromagnetism (so power over metals (okay, some metals)), and control over all electrical systems, as well as generic shooting-lightning, but his is extremely unpleasant and deadly. What some comics don’t show is the people getting cooked alive. Yeah, not nice at all.

Miss Amaze—a private detective who uncovered an ancient text during an investigation, which turned out to be a spellbook. She now possesses the ability to cast various magic spells, until she runs out of magical energy (she is still learning, so can cast a few spells before running out for the day, possibly only one or two if they are powerful enough, and very potent spells, like earthquakes, whole storms of fire, and simply killing someone with a word, are beyond her). She has her ‘basic magic’ abilities, which she can always use, which consist of telekinesis (which sometimes acts subconsciously, as an ‘invisible servant’, bringing her things and so forth), and the ability to use her staff (which looks like an elongated stage magician’s wand) to create an extradimensional space, which is about room-sized, and can’t quite fit 10 people. She uses her powers to apprehend the criminals she investigates as Amy Hazel, private detective--officialy, Amy is Miss Amaze's sidekick, but she has to try quite hard to convince people they aren't one and the same.

The Whisper—The ultimate spy (well, all right, he can’t turn invisible, but neither can anybody else in this comic, so shut up). He works for any government that will hire him. Years of studying magic have given him the ability to turn insubstantial, to walk on air, and to shrink himself down small enough to fit in a mousehole, or any size in between that and his normal size. Also a skilled martial artist and fairly stealthy even without his powers.

All of these characters belong to me UNTIL they are finished, at which point I will announce them as open source. Be patient, if you really want to use them. If you don't, then you shouldn't have a problem.

In any case, good? Bad? Ugly? What do you think?

*The reason for the thread I posted in the legal issues section.
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PostSubject: Re: Some potential OS character ideas I'm throwing around    Mon Feb 27, 2012 8:37 am

I like them, Captain Napalm; they're clever! My favorite bit is the Fox/Bloodhound dynamic. A modern-day hero who comes from the future has been done quite a bit, but the idea of his/her nemesis coming from an alternate future, and the two of them fighting over which future gets to exist, is (if not unique) incredibly unusual. Can't wait to see what they look like!
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captain napalm

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PostSubject: Re: Some potential OS character ideas I'm throwing around    Mon Feb 27, 2012 4:34 pm


I'll do my best attempt at drawing them, but what I draw here could be tweaked a little before it's done--some of them may even get a complete redesign! I'm kind of leaving that up to the responses I get, as I find it hard to critique my own work, so when I finally get round to putting them up, tell me what you think.

And I'm glad you like the Fox/Bloodhound thing. Fox was, in fact, the first of these characters I came up with, and went through various names and backstories (the only common thing between the current version and the original is the look) before settling on this one. Bloodhound was originally going to be Napalm's name, and he was going to be Fox's crimefighting partner, but then I changed it to the version written above, and now I'm glad I did.
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PostSubject: Re: Some potential OS character ideas I'm throwing around    Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:16 am

This stuff is great , so many stores you could tell. I would love to workon these when your ready. I would have to say my favorite is the fox as well. Really like what you did with power trip as well.
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captain napalm

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PostSubject: Re: Some potential OS character ideas I'm throwing around    Thu Apr 19, 2012 3:58 am

Thanks! And I may eventually get around to drawing these or making the story...anyway, I've storyboarded it. But this post is for two reasons.

1. To let you know I haven't forgotten about this, just very busy until summer.
2. Did you say you wanted to work on it? Because I need artist/editor/other-people-who-aren't-writers. I can sort-of-meh-draw, but to produce anything of good quality takes me quite a long time...So that would be great.
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PostSubject: Re: Some potential OS character ideas I'm throwing around    

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Some potential OS character ideas I'm throwing around
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