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 Americanized Sentai w/realism...I know...oxymoron

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PostSubject: Re: Americanized Sentai w/realism...I know...oxymoron   Sun Apr 03, 2016 2:41 am

I've written the Steel Sentinels into my universe's timeline now. Imagine Battle Fever J crossed with Pacific Rim, if they were in power armoured suits rather than humungous mecha. It's 1987, the end of the Soviet Union is fast approaching, the US has a military base on the moon, and the five "nuclear-weapon states" go live with their Steel Sentinels project! Russia, America, China, the UK, and France (yay, France.....) are protecting the planet with armoured heroes!
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PostSubject: Re: Americanized Sentai w/realism...I know...oxymoron   Sun Apr 03, 2016 8:49 am

Imagine my surprise when I read your reply, and I had just been doing some surfing and found a site for older sentai, and it was battlefeverj.com!

I've always liked Captain America, Iron Man types of characters- just normal people that through experimentation on themselves or tech, they become heroes so I've been a fan of Power Rangers since MMPR, and have been getting into their original sentai.

I saw Pacific Rim, and thought 'there goes my ideas' lol. I have a group of PD characters I like, but am struggling to figure out just how to adapt them without being just another Cap A / sentai / IM derivative, as I also like the idea of an alternate history, nothing too different, just things occur slightly earlier in the timeline.

"In my timeline, I envisage this happening somewhere around the 80s, as in my universe, technology develops faster than the real world from about the mid-70s."

I read that, and my TL (in my head so far) I bump up the post WW2 German rocketry teams getting things done quicker so Gemini, Mercury and Apollo happen slightly earlier, Skylab occurs just a few years earlier than in RL, and so the ISS is more of a DC's 'Watchtower' for their covert heroes and teams. (It's made out to by NASA's public relations team to house astronauts and civilian experiments, not heroes with abilities 'beyond those of mortals'.)

Also, I really liked these guys when they briefly were in the DCU - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocket_Red_Brigade

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PostSubject: Re: Americanized Sentai w/realism...I know...oxymoron   Tue Aug 02, 2016 4:31 pm

Cpt. W,

Any more about your Steel Sentinels, they sound interesting.

I had another 'oh man' moment. I read Detective Comics, and another idea I had, and was working on, was put together in the book lol.

I was thinking about a military unit, or a private company of ex-soldiers, etc. are recruited to be heroes. Say, a particular hero, Batman for example as in the book. Dozens of people trained as Batman trained let loose in an ISIS stronghold for example. The soldiers get an extended course in how to be that hero, how he moves, fights, uses his tech..so Batman IS everywhere at once, minus the cowl and cape, but armored up with a helmet, comm link, and the assorted tech Batman would use, minus the bat-theme.

Delta Force, the SEALs, Rangers on steroids. Batman + Cap. A + Punisher (maybe chemically enhanced (in a 'powered' sort of way), that's what I was thinking about.)

Detective Comics is on pt 4 'Rise of the Batmen'.

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PostSubject: Re: Americanized Sentai w/realism...I know...oxymoron   

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Americanized Sentai w/realism...I know...oxymoron
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