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 Fairy Tale Villains...

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PostSubject: Fairy Tale Villains...   Sun Mar 22, 2015 7:56 am

So, on the thread about needing more PD villains, I mentioned the possibility of lifting villains from fairy tales. I started to play around with the idea and came up with a few I'll throw out there, if anyone is interested. I kept the "backstories" (such as they are) kind of vague so that anyone who wants to use them can easily tweak them to fit their story/world/mileau.

The ultimate femme fatale, Evil Queen is a shady underworld figure who is willing to do whatever it takes to get riches and power. She has been known to use a small circle of close henchmen/associates, but is also more than willing to get her hands dirty. if necessary. She's a more than a little sadistic, but can also be incredibly subtle when her plans call for it. To that end, she is an expert chemist and loves to use poison or drugs on her victims.

Bluebeard is driven by two forces: his love of riches and his hatred of women. To this end, women are often his victims of choice. Need to steal something? Look for a woman who has it. Interested in a kidnapping for a ransom? Find a woman connected to a wealthy individual (and if their both women, like the daughter of a wealthy woman, so much the better). And, of course, if he just wants to blow off some steam, how better than by attacking or killing some random woman? One psychiatrist said Bluebeard is simply a misogynistic sociopath. That was before he made her disappear... (Note: The first look was my first try at the character, but I thought it was too flamboyant/not dark enough, so I did the second. Use whichever you prefer!)

If crime has a king, it's The Sovereign. Who he is and where he is are total mysteries. He controls a virtual army of criminal underlings and access to incredible weaponry and technology (some of it created in-house, much of it stolen). His plans and plots are often convoluted and multilayered, and VERY often successful. (Another character w/2 versions, but I think both are usable; the suit is his everyday wear and the armor is used for combat and field operations.
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Fairy Tale Villains...
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