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 A six-point question

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PostSubject: A six-point question   Fri Jan 27, 2017 8:08 am

I'm curious about a few things that I have put into the form of a six-point question, most of which will request a 1-10 (1 being low threat and 10 being high threat) lawsuit threat assessment (answers for this are optional, but would be appreciated). Here goes...

Point one: Are any MF Enterprises characters beyond Captain Marvel (not the lightning bolt one) public domain, and if so, which ones? Finally, threat assessment (I don't expect this one to be high)?

Point two: How secure are the Charlton Comics characters in the public domain (more specifically Nightshade), and how worried should I be about the lawsuit threat?

Point three: Similar to the last one (except I'm more confident about this one), how about the Quality characters? How secure are they in the public domain and how likely would the lawsuit threat be?

Point four: Fawcett characters. I mean, it's not likely that i'd use them, as they seem the riskiest of the ones iv'e asked about, but I'd still like to know about the lawsuit threat for them.

Point five: MLJ characters. I'm iffy on this one. What worries me is lack of use of these characters by other creators and the fact that Archie Comics still exists. So, once again, lawsuit threat assessment?

Point six: Last but not least, the riskiness of using Skywald's Lady Satan? I ask because of some of the stuff that I read on the PDSH wiki about her. Also, which of her supporting characters would I NOT be able to use, if any?

As for most of these, I'm mainly concerned about the lawsuit threat, but if you can supply me with any other gems of wisdom on any of these subjects, that would be really cool. Also, keep in mind that I'm not concerned with trademark issues for these yet, as I'll probably cover that subject in another post.
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PostSubject: Re: A six-point question   Thu Apr 13, 2017 1:03 pm

I only know a little about the MLJ heroes, Archie's other imprint Dark Circle is publishing The Hood, The Shield, and two others but I haven't seen anything about the other characters, and even Shield stopped at #4 last yr with no explanation. I think their stuff is probably best left alone unless the line folds,and even then just do a 180 with the character lol.

(I'm actually unsure about books I know are ok to use, but I'm paranoid like that lol)
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A six-point question
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