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 HeroScape with public domain characters

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HeroScape with public domain characters Empty
PostSubject: HeroScape with public domain characters   HeroScape with public domain characters EmptySun May 22, 2011 6:11 am

For those who are interested in the game Heroscape (which produced a number of figures based on PD characters), there have been a number of custom cards created for public domain characters. Here are a few found at

Achilles: (Roderick2012)

Captain Marvel (Billy Baston): (C3G)(hi1hi1hi1hi1)(Iambatman)(IAmBatman/Sherman Davies)(Matt Helm/A3n)(Matt Helm/Garada)(Sherman Davies)(Wulfhunter667)
Billy Batson: (Wulfhunter667 - UCS)

Captain Marvel Jr (Freddy Freeman): (hi1hi1hi1hi1)(Iambatman)(IAmBatman/Sherman Davies)

Conan: (Balantai)(ShermanDavies)

Dr. Doolittle: (Mac122)

Dr. Moreau: (Mac122)

Doctor Sivana: (Wulfhunter667)

Frankenstein's Monster: (C3G)

Headless Horseman: (Annerios)

Jack the Ripper: (Paxton)

Martian Tripod: (Old Rough and Ready)

Mary Marvel (Mary Batson): (Iambatman)(IAmBatman/Sherman Davies)

Mister Hyde: (Calvin Zabo)

Nosferatu (Count Orlok): (Annerios)

Phantom of the Opera: (LamaClown)

Phantom Lady (Sandra Knight): (Matt Helm/Garada)

Plastic Man (Eel O'Brian): (C3G)(Garada)(GreyOwl)(Iambatman)(Wulfhunter667)

Randolf Carter: (Mac122)

Robin Hood: (Killometer)

Sub-Mariner: (C3G)

Uncle Sam: (C3G)(Garada)

And here is a fantastic thread for customs of public domain literary characters:

Characters from Classic Literature
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HeroScape with public domain characters
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