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 MEGS Stats for public domain characters

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MEGS Stats for public domain characters Empty
PostSubject: MEGS Stats for public domain characters   MEGS Stats for public domain characters EmptySun Jun 19, 2011 6:55 am

The MEGS (Mayfair Exponential Game System) RPG engine was used for the DC Heroes and the "Blood of Heroes" lines. Although it is currently out of print, there seems to be a loyal following who still plays it. Here are stats for a number of public domain characters:

The Black Clown
Black Venus (AC version)
The Brain
Captain Marvel (DC version)
Captain Marvel Jr (DC version)
Captain Nemo
Captain Triumph
Catman (AC version)
Commando Yank
Deep Ones
Dr. Death
Dracula (Marvel version)
Dracula (Buffy version)
Ghost of the Deep
Headless Horseman
Horned Hood
Human Bomb
Ibis, the Invincible
The Invisible Man
John Carter, Warlord of Mars
Lash Lightning
Laughing Skull
Madam Fatal
Martian (HG Wells)
Mary Marvel (DC version)
Minute Man
Miss Masque
Miss Victory (AC version)
Mr. Hyde
Mr. Scarlet
Mr. Skeleton
Namor, The Sub-Mariner (Marvel version)
Pinky the Whiz Kid
Plastic Man (DC version)
Rima the Jungle Girl
Santa Claus
Shazam (DC version)
Sherlock Holmes
Solomon Kane
Spy Smasher
Steel Sterling
The Thorn
The Time Traveller
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MEGS Stats for public domain characters
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