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 weird Animation: El Vazz Toons

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PostSubject: weird Animation: El Vazz Toons   weird Animation: El Vazz Toons EmptySat Jan 28, 2012 7:44 am

Has anyone seen these El Vazz cartoons on YouTube? Weird, huh? They feature new art of public domain superheroes, but don't get excited. The animation is extremely limited, there is no dialgue (it would be in Spanish anyway), and the plots are bizarre and incoherent, making the videos more like psychadelic music videos. I assume they are intended to be funny. But, I like the artwork.

The Ray: Night of the Black Condor features a very short aerial fight between the two heroes...basically, they crash and fall.

El Vazz Toons #1: Lady Luck and Bullet Girl fight over Skyman. Then Skyman leaves the club with Kitten.

The "Junker" series: From what I can piece together, the plot involves Ignatz the mouse and his friends returning from the grave...Ignatz hits Black Terror in the groin eith a brick, then starts a nightclub, where kitten and bulletgirl work as dancers. The Yellow Kid appears to be the doorman/bouncer. Meanwhile, someone summons Cthulhu, and Lady Luck investigates. Skyman kisses bulletgirl goodbye and then gets in a plane and attacks Cthulu with it. It's like a weird nightmare or something. Other characters appearing are Black Cat, who I think is helping Lady Luck, Uncle Sam, Sherlock Holmes, Sheena giving Frankenstein flowers (to eat, of course) and some other characters I don't recognize.

Like I said...weird. Maybe junker is another word for junkie. Not recommended for kids, as there is blood shown and the females look a bit adult...

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weird Animation: El Vazz Toons
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