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 Public Domain Space Heroes (Buck Rogers)

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PostSubject: Public Domain Space Heroes (Buck Rogers)   Public Domain Space Heroes (Buck Rogers) EmptyTue Jun 08, 2010 11:54 am

Hey, all...I was just looking for a list of pd space heroes...Are Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, and Tom Corbett Space Cadet in public domain? Because I was looking, and there radio shows and things are...but...I don't know. I don't know why they wouldnt be. Being as old as they are. I'd love to make a Buck Rogers fan film or something...and be able to enter it in contests and things...
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PostSubject: Re: Public Domain Space Heroes (Buck Rogers)   Public Domain Space Heroes (Buck Rogers) EmptyTue Jun 08, 2010 12:20 pm

As far as I know, Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon are not in the public domain. I haven't really researched it, but I think the original works were renewed. I believe Flash Gordon started as a newspaper strip, and Buck Rogers started as a pulp fiction hero. So, radio shows on which they were featured may legitimately be in the public domain, but any attempt to create derivative works would be considered a violation of the copyright of the original source material.

However, in comics, there were MANY Flash Gordon rip offs. Probably the most famous were Lance Lewis, Space Detective and Rex Dexter. I think my personal favorite is the Space Rovers. Here's a few others (not a complete list though):

Blast Bennet: 1940, Weird Comics #1 (Fox). Space adventurer, he and his pal/ kid sidekick Red travel through space in their fast spaceship. In their fast spaceship Blast Bennett and his companion Red, speed through the space ways in search of adventure.

Cosmic Carson: 1940, Science Comics #1 (Fox). Cosmic Carson is the "ace rocket pilot of the Interplanetary Patrol."

Riachard "Dick" Devens, King of Futuria: 1944, Mystery Comics #1 (Better). Dick Devens is an American flying ace, but he finds himself transported to the world of the 30th Century! With the aid of Earth girl Mira, he becomes a hero of the city of Futuria in opposing renegade Earthling Karlak who has thrown in with tentacled Venusians.

Rick Evans: 1944 or 1946, All Good Comics #1 (Fox). Rick Evans and his friends Astra and Stringbean are teens who fly around in a spaceship and fight crime. Rick Evans is an internationally-known teen adventurer who uses his spaceship to fight crime and help people. He is assisted by his pals Stringbean and the winsome Astra.

Ken Keen: 1940, Silver Streak Comics #3 (Lev Gleason). Captain Ken Keen is part of the Planet Patrol, peace keepers of the solar system in the future. He's helped by "Nirma, the Martian beauty."

Jon Linton: 1939, Amazing Mystery Funnies v2#11 (Centaur). In the futuristic year of 2009 (from Amazing Mystery Funnies v3#1), Jon Linton is a "flyer, scientist, adventurer" doing his Flash Gordon bit fighting evil aliens and villains like Satan-Rex. His help in this endeavor are Dr. Kane, Linton's girl Lisa Kane , and Alpha-712, a native of the 5th Dimension who can "make from mental force anything they have seen or understand."

Major Mars: 1940, Exciting Comics #1 (Better). This is the comic version of of Better's pulp Captain Future with only his name changed. His robot Grag got to keep his name. Better recycled the name Captain Future for a more traditional superhero. Major Mars is a blatant Captain Future lift, down to his origin and the companion robot Grag. Only made one appearance.

Power Nelson: 1940, Prize Comics #1 (Prize). In the far future of 1982, Emperor Seng I and his mongol hordes have taken over the world. A group of scientists give Gene West generic superpowers so that he might fight them. After 8 months of fighting Seng and various menaces from space, he travels back in time (issue #9) to 1940 where he becomes a radio commentator. Here he gains a girlfriend in his secretary Lana. He hides his identity by wearing an eye-patch when in civilian mode.

Perisphere Payne: 1940, Science Comics #1 (Fox). Perisphere Payne is one of the Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers types.

Sky Chief: 1941, Punch #1 (Harry "A" Chesler). Burton Strong was the futuristic hero.

"Skyrocket" Steele: 1938, Amazing Mystery Funnies v1 n2 (Centaur). "Skyrocket" Steele is a hero in the year "X" ("about 2500 A.D.") who, with his friends Sari Marston and the invisible man "Invex", aid King Kurt against the evils of Vance Roy. NOTE: He's actually on the cover of #1 but his first story is in 2.

Space Rovers: 1940, Exciting Comics #2 (Standard). Ted Hunt and Jane Martin (no relation to the war nurse of the same name for Fiction House) rocket through the cosmos in search of adventure. In addition to ray guns and a space ship, the pair also have rocket belts that allow them to fly.

Space Smith: 1939, Fantastic Comics #1 (Fox). Space Smith and his gal Diana are explorers and adventurers of outer space in some unknown year. Space Smith...had a girl companion named Diana and they were interplanetary explorers who patrol the far reaches of space to keep shipping and passenger lines clear of marauding pirates. Space and Diana happily shared routine duties like blasting space hijackers and dumping them into vats of melted radium.
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PostSubject: Re: Public Domain Space Heroes (Buck Rogers)   Public Domain Space Heroes (Buck Rogers) EmptySun Jun 20, 2010 12:02 pm

I've been wrong before but..I pretty sure Flash Gordon is owned and controlled by King Features Syndicate. The new debuted in 1934 and ran into the 2000's so I would see why they would have let there copyright lapse. I also remember King Features Syndicate having a credit in the cartoon Defenders of the Universe (86') that also co-stared KFS's The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician.

Right now dynamite comics is publishing comic books staring Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers (and Uk's DAn Dare) So you could check the fine print on those comic to see if they have a copyright notice.
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PostSubject: Re: Public Domain Space Heroes (Buck Rogers)   Public Domain Space Heroes (Buck Rogers) EmptyMon Jun 21, 2010 4:08 pm

Yeah, I'm fairly positive you're right about King Features owning Flash. And I'm fairly positive Buck is owned as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Public Domain Space Heroes (Buck Rogers)   Public Domain Space Heroes (Buck Rogers) EmptySun Nov 14, 2010 8:27 am

"Buck Rogers is a registered trademark & copyright owned exclusively by THE DILLE FAMILY TRUST and is available for licensing through Licensing Works. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited" (

The "Flash Gordon" page on the King Features site ( says "(c) 2010 King Features Syndicate."

I didn't want to duplicate what Argosail posted, but here are a list of other scifi characters I found. There are some I wish I had more info on, and not all of them are space-opera heroes, but I gave you everything I had:

Atoma (Harvey, 1947) Atoma was a historian from the year 2446, a time of peace. She befriends Dusty Rhodes, an ordinary 20th century kid thrown 500 years into the future. Atoma knew of his arrival from reading his memoirs and was waiting for him. They teamed up to stop a robot riot, putting it to a halt with Dusty's slingshot. While Atoma has no super-powers, she does wear EDF (electronic directional flight) control nylon-xenton wings which allow her to fly.

Auro, Lord of Jupiter I (Fiction House, 1940) Professor Hardwich’s 21st-century family crashed on Jupiter. Only his son lived; Jupiter's gravity making him stronger. A saber-tooth tiger adopted him. The boy grew, explored Jupiter, & fought ape-like humanoids. The chief named him Auro, unconquerable in their tongue. Neptunians attacked an Earth ship & enslaved the crew. Assistant pilot Martha Gale fled in a lifeboat, was caught by Jupiter's gravity, & crashed near Auro. Auro let Neptunians catch him. He beat their army & forced their despot to free the humans, who took the ruler to Earth for trial. Auro became ruler of a city of human-like Jupiterians, protecting them & fighting local warlords. Later, he left the city to explore, becoming a roaming adventurer who lived off land & righted wrongs.

Auro, Lord of Jupiter II (Fiction House, 1945) Auro ruled Jupiter with his wife, Dorna, until her power-hungry stepbrother killed him. On Earth, American scientist/factory owner Chet Edson lived with his fiancé, Claudia. He spent time making a rocket, neglecting his factory. His superintendent, Nelson, sabotaged the plant and tried to kill Chet before he found out. He hit Chet on the head & launched him in the rocket. The launch started a fire, destroying the lab. Nelson died; his body was assumed to be Chet's. Chet awoke, finding that he was on a collision course with Jupiter. He survived the crash, but couldn't live long in Jupiter's atmosphere. Dorna had her men recover his body and put Chet's spirit into Auro's body, letting him control it. He later returned to Earth to stop Claudia from accidentally unleashing poison gas stored in his lab. Dorna's scientists warned that he couldn't live on Earth for more than 2 hours. Chet saved Earth and said goodbye to Claudia in time, but cut it close. As a result, the body was blinded and Chet no longer controlled it; Auro's personality reasserted itself. Back on Jupiter, scientists cured Auro's blindness. From then on, Chet influenced Auro subconsciously. Auro kept fighting Dorna's stepbrother's allies and other villains, with Chet as his unrecognized adviser.

Bruce Barlow (Nita, 1940) Young scientist/adventurer Bruce Barlow investigates electric bolts coming from the inside of the Earth and causing destruction by riding inside a projectile shot into the crater of the world's greatest volcano. He discovers an underground kingdom ruled by Muskog who seeks to conquer the surface. He overthrows Muskog with beautiful princess Eda. Then he rockets into space to uncover comets smashing into Earth.

Bill Swift (Fox, 1940) For stopping Victor, his invisible planet, and his invisible army, this space hero is promoted to Captain and made Commander of the new outpost. He also gets a beautiful assistant and girlfriend, Nadine, who knew the secrets of the planet, so Victor had her kept prisoner.

Bullet Bob Dunn (Hillman, 1941) Bullet Bob pilots Professor Krug's deep-sea projectile into an undersea cave & finds Atlantis, with mist-like air. The people talk via mental telepathy. He meets King Sarx & lovely Princess Tellura, but an unseen tyrant rules by thought waves from the forbidden Hall of Aeons. Bob investigates, finding a mummy kept alive in a trance by machines: X-Atlantis, master intellect & ancient sorcerer, ready to use his powers to rule the world. Bob uses a death ray to destroy the Hall.

Buzz Crandall of the Space Patrol (Fiction House, 1940) Buzz, a Lieutenant in the Space Patrol, is advised by Dr. Curan and helped by the Doctor’s daughter, Sandra, as he flies the space lanes and explores “strange new worlds.” He has no superpowers but has the usual blaster and spaceship.

Captain Nelson Cole (Fiction, 1940) An officer in the Space Patrol who appeared in solo adventures.

Captain Science (aka Gordon Dane; Youthful Mags, 1950) Captain Science, master of knowledge, was based in a secret laboratory. When the lab’s robot brain gave an alert, he and his two assistants—the vivacious Luana and the teenaged Rip—jet out in their flying saucer to fight evil aliens.

Captain Stone (Holyoke, 1945) Cap Stone, adventurer, accidentally becomes a member of a vast undersea kingdom antagonizing Triton. He becomes involved in a fight with him while speeding in an aero-car that hurtles off a cliff. Cap jumps saving himself. Believing Triton dead he goes back to the city of Aquari. But Triton crawls from the wreckage alive. All that, in the first caption of the first panel of Cap's first appearance! He is sidekicked by Jitter McReady, reporter of The Charleston News.

Crash Parker (Fiction House, 1940) Parker, two-fisted adventurer, stunt/test flyer, and race car driver, fights Martians and other evil aliens with his zoom sled.

Crusader from Mars (aka Tarka; Ziff-Davis, 1952) When Tarka murdered his rival in love, he committed the first felony on Mars in 50 years. The Martian governmnment branded him on his arm and sentenced him to exile. Together with his fellow criminal Zira, they were sent to Earth to rid it of crime. If they failed, then they would be destroyed--and so would Earth. Tarka took on the identity of Alan Wheeler, an FBI agent, with Zira as his secretary. They battled enemies such as the Black Hoods using futuristic weapons and their "disc-craft." Sometimes they were called upon by Mars to battle interstellar criminals as well, such as the Uralian Pirates.

The Crusaders - Adventurers Bob Crawford, his fiancé Lois Leighton, & her brother Paul are trusted aides to the king in Kranto, on a faraway planet. Their foes are rebel Prince Dahn (who reforms) & Mad Magician Mordu.

Cyclone (Quality) In the year 3000, space aviator Cyclone represents Earth in a race to claim a newly discovered 10th planet. He gets romantically involved with stowaway Joy Daye, and defeats a fleet of Martian destroyers.

Dan Hastings (Harry “A” Chesler, 1942) Dan Hastings is a Lieutenant with the International Earth Squadron in the future having all sorts of adventures. He is the personal rocket navigator for Dr. Carter and is in love with Carter's daughter Gloria.

Dash Darwin (Howard, 1944) Dash sports a pencil thin moustache and has a girlfriend, Letty. He is willing to consult an ancient sage, Wizo, when stumped on a case.
Delecta (Don Fortune, 1946) Queen Delecta of the planet Kala (one of 7 planets in the Kalpan system) fights evil on her planet along with an Earthman adventurer.

Dirk the Demon (Centaur, 1938) 24th-century archaeologist Dirk the Demon, son of Baron Cay, lives in the Baron's castle. Dirk’s a promising young archaeologist and loves going out on digs against his father's wishes.

Don Granval (Fiction House, 1940) Inventor Don Granvel’s atomoscope, lets him study subatomic matter & planets of atomic universes. When fierce monsters threaten one is, he & a crew of atomic explorers shrink themselves and his space ship to help.

Fero (Fiction House, 1940) Interplanetary supernatural detective Fero travels planet to planet taking on cases with crooks, alien despots, monsters, and werewolves. He's a good detective with no innate magical ability or artifact to aid him.

Flint Baker (Fiction House, 1940) When his scientist dad died, Flint completed his ship to explore space with girlfriend, reporter Mimi Wilson, and ex-cons with hearts of gold: Harry Parks, Cliff Grant, & Phil Godwin. He teams up with explorer Reef Ryan and joins the Space Rangers led by Borla, the Martian.

Futura (Fiction House, 1947) 21st-century Earth secretary Marcia Reynolds is kidnapped used as a guinea pig in experiments by the Lord Menthor from planet Cymradia. She escapes and battles Lord Menthor and various other evils as Futura. The strip was drawn Prince Valiant-style, with no word balloons. Futura, was gorgeous, scantily clad, threatened by amorous bug-eyed monsters, and tied up a lot. The story could be seen as a dream by Marcia and a power-fantasy for the reader, except that Futura usually extricated herself from peril and often lead the charge into battle.

Gale Allen (Fiction, 1940s) A voluptuous female space adventurer, who led her all-girl squadron" on wild outings.

Hunt Bowman (Fiction, 1942) In the 33rd Century, the reptilian Voltamen conquered the Earth and enslaved humanity, making Earth a Lost World. Hunt Bowman and Lyssa, Queen of the Lost World are part of the human resistance. Hunt is a good archer and fighter.

Hyper the Phenomenal (aka Don-Vir; Hyper, 1940) Don-Vin, also known as Hyper the Phenomenal, was a ray gun wielding spaceman. He has a girlfriend named Winifred and is enemies with a woman named Dolores who was enamored with Hyper and tried to get him to join her villainous gang who also included Ashknif and Boris. He was able to repel bullets with his magno-hydro gauntlets and was also able to use his gloves to keep steel walls from closing in on Winifred.

Iron Munro, The Amazing Man (Street & Smith, 1941) Iron Munro is a strapping young lad, a two-fisted adventurer of the future who flies from planet to planet doing good and fighting against evil. He is helped by his friends Spencer Carlisle and Anto Raul. Iron seems to be invulnerable and may have super strength, but his main powers are clean living and a good right hook.

Jay Douglas (Centaur, 1939) Paleontologists Jay Douglas and Ronald Wells find dinosaurs on a remote island in South America. Douglas, brave and a good swimmer and fighter, thinks nothing of pitting himself against an alligator armed only with a knife or distracting an allosaurus with nothing but rocks.

Jet Powers (Magazine Enterprises, 1950) Jet Powers was a genius inventor and skilled fighter armed with military tech who worked for the US government and answered to the President. His laboratory was located in the American Southwest carved out of a Mesa. His enemies included Mr. Sinn whose minion Su Shan who would later become his love interest. Jet Powers maintained no secret identity.

Jim Giant (Fiction House, 1940) Jim Giant, strongest man in the universe, pits his super-strength against the ray guns and technology of an invasion force.

Kenny Carr (Fiction House, 1940) Kenny is a British Captain in the Martian Lancers, who are identical to the British Lancers of India, down to the Martians wearing turbans.

Lance Lewis, Space Detective (Nedor, 1944) Lance Lewis, Space Detective, fought interplanetary aliens and space menaces with the aid of his gorgeous girlfriend, Marna. He would solve mysteries involving aliens (such as amoeba men or Martians), space ships ,and lasers. He had no actual super powers, but he was a scientific genius. He used his 22nd century knowledge to create ray guns, a jet pack to fly with, and other high-tech gadgets to fight injustice. He was also athletic and skilled in hand-to-hand combat. His enemies include the Saturninans.

Magician From Mars (aka Jane Gem/Jane Q-X3; Centaur, 1940) Jane Gem-35 was born to a Martian father and a Terran mother. Although she was accidentally exposed to a lethal dose of radiation, she didn't die. Instead she miraculously developed the ability to change reality with a thought. She eventually found life on Mars too dull and used a teleporter to transport herself to Earth. There, she used her reality-warping abilities to fight evil and oppression.

Major Inapak, The Space Ace (Magazine Enterprises, 1951) Major Inapak was an adventurer of the then future 1980s. Earth was divided into East and West, both locked in Atomic Warfare. The Earth was orbited by satellites equipped with nuclear warheads. There were also powerful satellite dishes that could pick up the faintest sounds even from the Moon. His main foe is Roxtyl, leader of the planet Lunrak, who destroyed Denver.

Mars Mason (Harvey, 1940) Mars Mason was an intergalactic postal worker of the Inter Planet Mail System who encountered many villains and monsters on his deliveries: the villainous Killraye of Jupiter, the tough-tails, the spear men, and the sour snouts. He also meet the Air Queen on one of his adventures. Mars had no powers, but carried a ray gun and traveled the galaxy in his ship.

Marvo 1.2. Go+ The Superboy of the year 2680 (Kosmos, 1940) Marvo 1.2. Go+, the Superboy of the Year 2680, is a sci-fi hero of the future who fights foes such as vest-wearing grasshoppers. He is the son of one of the world's greatest scientists, and while only 15 years old, Marvo has inherited his father's intelligence. The "+" at the end of Marvo's name is a status symbol, usually awarded only to ten chosen adult men, which gives a person access to use the "super-hypnobioscope" that allows them to learn while they sleep.

Meteor Martin (Centaur, 1941) Ace pilot of Moon patrol.

Mitey Powers (Komos, 1940) Earth space hero Mitey Powers fights Martians and Jovian super giants in his spaceship, the Nina, named after his girlfriend.

Mysta of the Moon (Fiction House, 1945) Mysta is a heroine who began her life as an infant stolen (with her brother) from a plex-iplastic crib by a Dr. Kort. Kort educated her using a hyno-transmitter to save humanity from the evil god Mars. Mars possessed the boy's robot, and Futura had to kill her brother and his robot. Located on the moon she used a scanno lens to see trouble anywhere, and with the help of her robot Bron, she fights for good, normally against the villain Mars.

Navy Jones (Fox, 1940) Under sea adventurer Navy Jones, the great-great-grandson of Davy Jones, is an undersea hero, equipped with a special submarine and able to breathe underwater. He helps Princess Coral and her undersea kingdom, and even meets Captain Nemo in one story.

Nelson Cole (Fiction House, 1940) Captain Nelson Cole of the Solar Force, a space police organization, also, fights crime as Torro, equipped with special clothing and a whip. He once visited Earth and stopped World War Two. His sidekick is Bud.

Planet Payson (Fiction House, 1940) Planet Payson is pilot and trouble-shooter for scientist/astronomer Professor Sandow. He battled Hawkmen and investigated the smuggling of ionite, a miraculous metal from Mercury. He discovers after some detective work that Hal and a gang of smugglers have been using a space comber ship to smuggle the ionite. He is captured by the smugglers but escapes. He destroyed their ships and turned them into the authorities. He had no powers, but wielded a ray gun.

Punch Powers (Howard, 1944) Punch Powers was a secret agent who was investigating the smuggling of ionite, a miraculous metal from Mercury. He discovers after some detective work that Hal and a gang of smugglers have been using a space comber ship to smuggle the ionite. He is captured by the smugglers but escapes. He destroyed their ships and turned them into the authorities. He had no powers, but wielded a ray gun.

Red Comet (Fiction House, 1940) Red Comet, who has no origin or secret identity, works on and off Earth in the year 2040 as the "mystery man of the universe." His magically based abilities include super strength (enough to throw people off the planet), telekinesis, an extrasensory attraction to criminals, exploding bullets before they reach him, and growing to giant-size, ala the Spectre. Accompanied by a girl (Dolores) and a boy (Rusty), he fights his enemies, criminals, and warmongers.

Reff Ryan (Fiction House, 1941) Fearless explorer of space from Earth, he teams up with the space man Flint Baker and joined the Space Rangers run by Borla, the Martian.

Rex Dexter of Mars (Fox Features, 1939) At the 1939 World's Fair, a rocketship is sent to Mars manned by Montague Dexter and his wife. Shortly later all contact with them is lost. Rex is the first human to be born on Mars, possessing the ability to live on both planets. In the year 2000, he returns to Earth, makes friends, and fights evil on whatever planet it comes from. He has all sorts of sci-fi adventures along with his girlfriend Cynde (Cindy). He’s friends with the Martians, the acknowledged link between them and Earth.

Rock Raymond (Four Star, 1944) Presumably a Flash Gordon type.

Rocket Kelly (Fox, 1945) A sort of Indiana Jones meets Sky Captain and the World of tomorrow, he's an action adventurer in a strangely retro future!

Rocket Riley, Prince of the Planets (Hillman, 1940) Rocket Riley, aided by the Professor and Griselda, fly around in space righting wrongs! Another sort of Indiana Jones meets Sky Captain and the World of tomorrow, he's an action adventurer in a strangely retro future!

Rocket Rooney (Street & Smith, 1940) Rocket, jack-of-all-trades starship pilot, scientist, explorer, and fighter, has adventures with Prof. Watts of the Technical Research Bureau.

Rocketman (Ajax Farrell, 1952) In the year 25,000 AD, Lieutenant Rocketman, a young American astronaut, travels thought out the galaxy in his ship, the Solar Bird. He deals with birdmen on Mercury, prevents Mars from enslaving Venus, and saves the king of Saturn from kidnappers from Pluto.

Rocky X (Lev Gleason, 1939) FBI agent William Rockwell protects Dr. Frank Liebert as he builds the 1st moon rocket and is inducted into the Rocketeers, newly formed by the UN to explore space, and given the name Rocky X.

Saber, Spy Fighter (Fiction House, 1940) Spy Fighter Saber, the mighty man with piercing brain, lives in the future and is head of the American Super-Intelligence Department. He has a form of telekinesis that can command people to his will, and read their minds. He's also good with a blaster and his fists! Antarctica, an independent nation of huge cities, craves world power, but Saber stops them.

Sky Chief (aka Burton Strong; Harry “A” Chesler, 1941) In the near future, Burton Strong is a professor of physics at Hall University. His assistant and secretary is Linda Hall, grand-daughter of the University's founder. He's also helped and co-piloted by Ed McKail who helps maintain his private sky port and keep his ships ready.

Solar Legion (Tem Publishing, 1940) In the year 2140, Adam Starr fights space pirates and forms the Solar Legion to impose law and order.

Space Admiral Curry (Fiction House, 1940) Space Admiral Curry, leader of spaceships and men, uses his forces to fight the evil Rocko.

Spurt Hammond (Fiction House, 1940) He's a young American pilot and Lieutenant in the American Interspace Lines, in the year 25,000 where warlords wage war on the moon. He is the human defender of the Planet Venus

Star Pirate (Fiction House, 1940s) Star is the "Robin Hood of the Spaceways." With his gal Trody (short for Trodelyte) he roams outer space fighting interstellar injustice. He pals around with the bulkish rogue Blackie, who's just in it for adventure and the money. Star Pirate also has some rocket boots that enable him to fly

Star Rover (Street and Smith, 1940) In the future, Ray Darrow is the Star Rover, a roaming adventurer

Stuart Taylor, Dr. Hayward, & Laura (Fiction House, 1938) Stuart Taylor was a time-traveler. In each story, he, Laura, and scientist Dr. Hayward would travel to a different period in time.

Sub Saunders (Fox, 1940) In the year 10,000 AD, undersea realms like Atlantis are known to exist. Sub Saunders aides Queen Lantida of Atlantis against the Octopeople of Ectpoia, and Naulus and his frogmen! He and the crew of his newly designed submarine, as well as his fiancé, Peg, got the ability to live underwater and withstand the sea pressure by the noted Professor Foama.

Tara (Better, 1947) Beautiful Tara and friends Robin and Malo, unjustly exiled from Earth, become space pirates using Venus as a base as they combat injustice.

Wings Winfair (Gulf, 1940) Wings Winfair was another Flash Gordon clone in a weekly comic section given away free at Gulf gas stations in the 1930's and 40's

Worldbeater, The Man From the Future & Unggh (Prize, 1944) Very surreal adventures on Mars, reminds me of Little Nemo in Slumberland. Worldbeater just seems to run around a bit, and get his companions to help resolve whatever is happening!

Yank Wilson, Superspy Q-4 (Fox, 1940) Yank Wilson did his spy work in the near future after the USA had been invaded by crazed Eskimongolians from North Poleria. Wilson gets sidekicks in fellow agents, the beautiful Bette Dana and long faced "Moosefoot" Johnson.
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PostSubject: Re: Public Domain Space Heroes (Buck Rogers)   Public Domain Space Heroes (Buck Rogers) EmptySun Nov 14, 2010 7:02 pm

Wow, that is a very big and complete list. I'll have to look all those guys up when I start adding Sci-Fi heroes to the Free Universe.
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PostSubject: Re: Public Domain Space Heroes (Buck Rogers)   Public Domain Space Heroes (Buck Rogers) EmptyMon Nov 15, 2010 1:10 am

Glad you liked it, Argosail. Wish I could take credit, but for the most part I just cut, paste, and collated info from other sites that list PD characters. However, I did come across an interesting blog that has posted reprints of several episodes of Planet Comics' Futura ( and Mysta of the Moon ( for those who are interested in space opera showgirl heroines!
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PostSubject: Re: Public Domain Space Heroes (Buck Rogers)   Public Domain Space Heroes (Buck Rogers) Empty

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Public Domain Space Heroes (Buck Rogers)
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