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 Songs and tacked-on Tachyons

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Songs and tacked-on Tachyons Empty
PostSubject: Songs and tacked-on Tachyons   Songs and tacked-on Tachyons EmptyWed Feb 13, 2013 6:26 am

Set to: I want to go where the people are, little mermaid. (Read the Hans Christian Andersen version somehime, it's trippy).

I've got Gadgeteers and Gadgets a plenty.
You want guys named Bob, I've got four.
Tons of characters stuck in my head....
But guess what, I want more...

I want to get them where people are.
Wish I could draw, I'd draw Ted Dancin'
Fighting that... whaddya call it... oh yeah... crime...

(But seriously, dancin' man... that's the worst joke I've ever heard).

Out where they biff
Out where they pow
Someday I'll join them somehow
Wish I could be...
The one who
Set my characters free,..
But I'm stuck in my world...

... I was bored. Lawyer-Man[TM] Aside, my characters inevitably fall into plots.

Will anyone draw GENERIC MAN with a capital G, or create a CC-BY / CC0 depiction of any of the PDSH who clearly are in the public domain. Also, put the CC-BY or CC0 license mark on the document and sign it... anyone.

Simon Kirby, if you can read this... I think I'll fix tachyon...

Sorry, but he's too (rediculously) overpowered... he doesn't fight crime, HE MURDERS IT.

Scrapping everything but the name, speed, and robot. (And let me tell you, it's hard to make a speedster robot that doesn't suck).

Tachyon: Mark 2

Dr. Whitaker was a materials engineer, specializing in advanced constructs. His dilemma was simple, Fast, Efficient, Strong, pick any two, and occasionally, all you got was one. The culmination of his frustration was the Model XS (Xtra Strong) Titan robot. He designed it for heavy lifting and labor, but mostly to perform at full human capacity. It's capable of pushing pulling a car yet delecate enough to perform most fine motor tasks. Unfortunately, the robot was a bit slower than even he expected. His synthetic polymer muscles took nearly 30 seconds to fully contract, meaning that every single step the robot took was well over a minute.
His first attempt to get it to 'come' took took nearly half an hour, and assigning the robot even the most menial task meant planning DAYS ahead. The robot was abandoned, lost, and forgotten for decades.
The robot was eventually donated to the museum of natural history. And then, the museum was robbed. In an ill fated event the Time Twister's Time Twister[TM] sped the robot up, allowing him to experience time as we do. Then, the Chrono Compressor activated, passing not just minutes, nor centuries, but giving the robot eons to calculate, think and evolve. When the time compressor was deactivated it was not by human hands, but by the hand of Tachyon himself, having achieved sentience. In short supply, realizing how crippled he was without the Time Twister[TM], he incorporated it into himself within a hardened shell and has been using it ever since. (Mostly to fight the Time Tiwster[TM], who in spite of building a new Time Twister, still seeks to regain the original). (Really should name them different.)

Permission to release this character (along with the other character) under a CC0 license granted provided that the license for the derivative work is done by Simon Kirby himself, irrevocably, to either the Creative Commons organization or to myself, under a SIGNED CC0 license. (Along with his other characters, if he would).

Subject to one restriction: I grant only permission to use the non-trademarked versions of the characters. Trademarked versions and versions used with trademark must be licensed separately.

I admit, not my best work.
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Songs and tacked-on Tachyons
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