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 Microfilmmaker from East Coast USA.

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Microfilmmaker from East Coast USA.  Empty
PostSubject: Microfilmmaker from East Coast USA.    Microfilmmaker from East Coast USA.  EmptyTue Jan 14, 2014 6:06 am


I'm an Independent/low/micro budget filmmaker on the East Coast of the US who's interests are the action/horror/thriller/science fiction genre with strong female heroine character types. I was thinking of some ideas with some heroines in the public domain. Actually I posted this inquiry in the films section but I think I should post it here as well so here goes.. In closing I am always open to new ideas/collaborations so if you have an interesting heroine character(s) that you think would make an interesting film please send me the idea and script, (you never know)! Include your e-mail or web link. I am a new member here so I can't post my e-mail for about 7 days or so.

(Reposted  from the "Movies' forum)

I'm thinking of doing an Independent  no/micro budget film version on either of these characters, which would you most likely suggest.

The purpose of doing this is to hopefully revitalize the character(s) to a new generation.

Question, I would need to use the actual public domain origin stories but do they have to be set in the same period (1940'-1950's)

I was thinking about updating them to current times although the atmosphere is more secret agent, spy, COVERT AFFAIRS, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, SHIELD type stuff.

Does anyone have some interesting stories  or care to write a script based on the characters.

I know a lot of these comic companies   have now gone defunct or no longer exist so can one use the published stories from some of the comic strips, and just update them a little?

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Microfilmmaker from East Coast USA.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Microfilmmaker from East Coast USA.    Microfilmmaker from East Coast USA.  EmptyFri Jun 06, 2014 12:15 pm

I'm excited to see people are actually interested in Characters in the Public Domain. I think much can be done with them and I too am a filmmaker who is interested in doing something with them.

I just came back from Los Angeles and am now back in the East, where are you hailing from?
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Microfilmmaker from East Coast USA.
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