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 Adventure Game Idea: The Deathspeaker

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Adventure Game Idea: The Deathspeaker Empty
PostSubject: Adventure Game Idea: The Deathspeaker   Adventure Game Idea: The Deathspeaker EmptyMon Nov 21, 2022 7:22 pm

Hi guys, Simon here again. Here's my pitch for a visual novel/adventure game:

A demonic gunslinger cursed to roam the plains stumbles across a degenerate cult raising a Cthulhu-like entity to destroy the planet. Realizing that this is one battle he can't possibly win alone, he assembles a group of "Raiders" to prevent the apocalypse. The main problem is that the mission will most likely be a suicide run and none of the volunteers have any real idea what they're getting themselves into. Here's a mock-up screen cap to give you an idea of what the game might look like:

Adventure Game Idea: The Deathspeaker DSGame001

So, whaddaya think?

1. Yes.
2. No.
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Adventure Game Idea: The Deathspeaker
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