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 Do we need more Public Domain/Open Source Supervillains?

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PostSubject: Re: Do we need more Public Domain/Open Source Supervillains?   Fri Nov 21, 2014 5:14 am

Here are two more villains from public domain sources that I thought I'd mention. The best thing is that I think either once could be used (with some slight modifications) for detective/adventure stories, superhero stories, or horror stories.

1) Il Duca (The Duke) - From L. Frank Baum's Aunt Janes' Nieces Abroad, Il Duca was descended from Italian bandits and considered himself "criminal royalty." He was charming and operated from a hidden valley in the Sicilian mountains. He was a con man and a kidnapper; one of his favorite schemes was to lure a wealthy traveler to his valley where he would become Il Duca's "guest." Knowing how people love history, Il Duca would offer to sell these guests some supposed ancient relic (actually a worthless bauble) for an exorbitant price ... at which time they'd be free to go.
2) The Crimson Executioner - From the movie Bloody Pit of Horror, former actor Travis Anderson is possessed by the spirit of the previous owner of the castle in which he lives. When a photographer and models visit the castle for a photo shoot, Anderson dresses as The Crimson Executioner and tortures them for unspecified "sins" they've committed. Travis was played by muscleman Mikey Hargitay (father to Law & Order: SVU's Mariska Hargitay), so the costume played up his physique: red tights, boots, and cowl with a black eye mask & no shirt (but lots of body oil).
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Do we need more Public Domain/Open Source Supervillains?
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