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 Another open source character brainstorm.

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Another open source character brainstorm. Empty
PostSubject: Another open source character brainstorm.   Another open source character brainstorm. EmptyWed Oct 31, 2012 3:55 am


I would like to brainstorm on a new open source character with anyone who is


I was thinking he would be similar in power to the 1938 version of Superman

or Spiderman or Wolverine. Kind of a "mid level" superhero. Strong enough to

pick up a large pickup truck over his head and durable enough to withstand a

barrel of dynamite.

I was going to try and set him in a universe that is similar

to our current one up to this point in time. A fictional American city and a mundane

secret Identity seems cool to me at this point.

I was thinking he wouldn't wear a mask in his superhero identity but that isn't

set in stone. Not sure how he got his powers but I was hoping for a Black Terror scientific

solution as opposed to a magical one.

His initial story lines could be about fighting organized crime and then work

into lower level super villain plots.

I wasn't going to worry about a girlfriend initially. Just have him save a different

attractive damsel in distress in each story like in the early Golden Age of comics.

I was thinking the type of character who could have a complete adventure in twelve

pages as opposed to a Ninety page graphic novel.


I look forward to anyone's comments, suggestions or snyde remarks.

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Another open source character brainstorm. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Another open source character brainstorm.   Another open source character brainstorm. EmptySat Nov 24, 2012 12:14 pm

It's a little hard to comment on this, Swiftarrow, because you're kind of all over the place and vague as to what you are looking for. Just spit-balling here, but here are some general ideas...

First of all, what feel are you looking for? The description you give sounds more like an "icon" type than a "dark avenger" type, but I could be way off base.

As for powers, when I looked at the characters you used as examples, I kind of jumbled them together. Maybe the power of the 1930s Superman, but with the ability to stick to walls (perhaps due to some kind of personal gravity control, which might also help with his strength) and instead of near invulnerability, make him just really tough possessed of an incredible healing ability. So, he can be killed, but anything that doesn't kill him outright will probably be healed in a day or two (although he will still be hurting during that time).

If you go with the gravity control thing, perhaps he could have a name like "Black Hole" or "Graviton." Not great, but first things that came off the top of my head.
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Another open source character brainstorm. Empty
PostSubject: OS char ideas for you Swiftarrow   Another open source character brainstorm. EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 8:48 am

I was thinking if he was going to battle organized crime or just high level street criminals, he might be a police officer (retired) after getting hurt in the line of duty, then the day came and he's given his powers/abilities, and his disabilities are healed, so he decides to re-enter crime fighting...

'Old enough to know better..too young to care..'

Believes he can do a better job then the corrupt cops and politicians out there.

Maybe his strength can pick up as the character progresses, needs of the plot..don't do a power creep like Superman, and have him juggling space shuttles or anything lol.

Just my two cents...
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Another open source character brainstorm. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Another open source character brainstorm.   Another open source character brainstorm. Empty

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Another open source character brainstorm.
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