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 Captain Miracle

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Gangway for Captain Miracle!

Captain Miracle ThrillComicsNo02A

Captain Miracle (originally titled Captain Magic) is an open source character created by Levi Atkins and published through OSC Facebook in November 2022, based on Fawcett's golden age hero Captain Marvel. Initially intended as a parody of super-heroic archetypes, The Big Teal Turkey became a cult figure within hours his debut, amassing more than 46 comments over the course of three days!!!


Mild-mannered Willy Watson was given the ability to transform into a mighty warrior by the omnipotent sorceror, Shazoom. As his name suggests, The Whizard draws power from a pantheon of mixed deities including SHamash, Ares, Zeus, Odin, Osiris and Mimir. The acronym may also be interpreted in the following manner:

   Ox (power of)
   Ox (power of another)


Captain Magic is the strongest, fastest and most courageous hero on the block. This ain't your Dad's superhero by a country mile. That other guy might be able to pull a solar system along by a chain, but Captain Magic can flip the multiverse with one finger. That other guy may be vulnerable to sorcery, but Captain Magic...isn't. And while that other guy can be killed by radioactive green crystals, Captain Magic eats 'em for breakfast.

"Just a re-color," you might be thinking, but you'd be wrong! This guy is derived from the public domain original, NOT the cheap, half-assed knock-off that was stolen, mangled and repackaged by the accusing company. Captain Magic is destined to bring the classic hero back to where he belongs - to the people.

Captain Miracle 633px-ThrillComicsNo1


Following extensive research, comic historians managed to reconstruct the ashcan edition of Thrill Comics, featuring Captain Magic's first published appearance. Cover dated January 1940, the issue had an extremely limited to establish copyright precedents. The second issue reintroduced the character with some minor coloring adjustments, along with a cast of nameless second-stringers that nobody remembers today.


Following an injunction by a well-known publishing juggernaut, the entire Captain Magic franchise was sold off to Landmark Magazines in 1953. Realizing how valuable the property was, Landmark quickly relaunched the character under the name Captain Miracle, as featured on the cover of Special Edition Comics number 1. The rest, as they say, was history: aside from a few minor costume changes, the Captain is still considered Earth's Mightiest Hero, and the "Miracle Family" is seeing a massive resurgence on the interwebs.

Captain Miracle 629px-SpecialEditionComics

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Captain Miracle
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